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Reliance Bike racing is a brand working its way up to achieve pole position amongst other top brands. We have many satisfied customers and are being constantly referred to fellow bikers and riders expressing the satisfaction with our products. Reliance Bike is dedicated to produce technical products considering the needs comfort and safety of the bikers. Talking about Bikers … we know what bikers love the most, that is their bikes and nothing can beat it and Reliance Bike wants all kind of bikers i.e. sports, touring, street racers etc. to enjoy every bit of their ride and be their long term companion offering them fearless and safe ride.

Reliance Bike team carefully designs its products with consideration to label them as ‘value for money’ whilst every care is taken to make our products safe and comfortable to wear. Quality is a root to success therefore our commitment to materials is major element in the evolution of Sparx garments. Reliance Bike garments are engineered to be abrasion resistant, comfortable and strong and are produced using high quality materials, A-grade cowhide, Kevlar, high resistant fabrics, double and / or triple safety stitches, double layers where required and CE approved armour. To further improve functionality we incorporate materials like thermo-liners and breathable waterproof membranes to keep our bikers warm and dry. Reliance Bike team has wealth of over 35 years experience in garment manufacturing which has been put together to produce functional and stylish garments designed with strong consideration of bikers comfort and safety in mind.